Episode # 100 Thirty-Four Straight Wins!


Coach Fav celebrates Casinos USA Podcasts 100th podcast by celebrating his recent amazing 34 straight wins, 23 in sports betting and 11 in craps outings. He explains exactly how it all happened.    To call the show, 24/7 voicemail 1-724-519-4556.

We also hear from Jeremey Elerick, the ever-so successful producer and narrator of Color Up Videos on Youtube, and (late in the podcast), Keno Nick calls in to talk about his first day at Pennsylvania’s newest casino, Pittsburgh Live which opened November 24.  He actually called the show live, but we played it at the end of the podcast.  A number of listeners want us to broadcast live so we are considering it.

In our popular Craps Talk segment Coach Fav reviews his favorite bets during his 11 straight wins.  Here they are:    

1. 15-6  $15 on the Pass Line  hedged by 3-Way Craps for $6  [Come-out rolls]If I hit a 2 or 12, I keep the $50 and press the 3-way $6

2. Hop the Hardways high on the 10 for $5.  Bet pays 30 to 1, which makes the hard 10 two dollar bet a $60 winner. Remember this bet is one roll only and I only use it on come-out rolls ever so often.

After the point is established

3. Go one roll without betting before Placing the 6 and 8 for $18 each

4. $15 Pass Line with 3-2-1 Odds – much higher than a $5 table

5. Playing the Don’t Pass but also betting the Iron Cross for 2 hits and down.  During our amazing run of 11 winning sessions, these bets produced almost $2,000.00 in Winnings

      Hope You Had a Happy Thanksgiving 

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