Episode # 24 Four Shooters Without a Point

Episode # 24  Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556  Casino Group Therapy, Phone Call from Australia, Player responses to a cold craps table, Using DC bets and Pass Line Bets, Hedging plays on a Cold Table, Time Delay Strategy, Minimum Money Requirements, Anthony Curtis LV Food Specials at the Longhorn Casino, Janie Discusses Slot Machine Wins Around the USA.

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Episode # 23 Casinos USA Flyover States Craps Tour

EPISODE # 23 – Flyover States Craps Tour
Call Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556 to make a trip report or gaming comment or question… Casual Casino Group Therapy as  Janie and Coach Fav discuss their Casinos USA 9 Night Flyover States Craps Tour … Casinos USA member “Josh” owned the Pittsburgh Black Jack Tables in July.  We are back on air again on August 17, 2017.

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Episode # 22 Happy Birthday USA

1. Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556
2. Happy Birthday USA – 241 Years Young
3. Thomas Jefferson/Samuel Adams- Their Deaths Share a Strange Coincidence
4. Nevada Legalizes Gambling – It’s 1931, 86 Years Ago
5. September 3, 2016 – Casinos USA is Born
6. From just 19 Podcast Plays to nearly 40,000 Plays in Just 21 Podcast Episodes
7. The Gamblers Prayer, The Gamblers Lament, The House Advantage
8. Is Your Gambling Out of Control? Answer 20 Questions with Coach Fav to Check
9. Roll the Dice with Us on the Flyover States Craps Tour
10. End of Season Two – Next Broadcast airs in Late July

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Episode # 21 The Same “Dam” Thing But More

Episode # 21 The Same “Dam” Thing But More
Call Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556
1. Boulder Dam or Hoover Dam – Same “Dam” Thing
2. Casino Group Therapy for Recreational Gamblers,
a. Caller Nick’s passion for an Atlantic City Vacation,
b. Caller Nick checks back in with his trip report to AC,
3. Chronological trip narratives are fun in recreational gaming podcasts, but we offer more.
4. Janie Reviews 9 Reasons to Play Slots Instead of Blackjack by Author Randy Ray
5. 2 Ways to Lose in Blackjack – Basic Strategy Still the Best Way to Win in BJ
6. More Strategies in Craps Play, What is Coach Fav’s ICDC play in Craps?
7. How we Teach Beginners the game of Craps?
8. Remember that Recreational Gambling means Playing Responsibly within a Budget!

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Episode # 20 Back to Vegas?

Call Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556.

  1. Caller Bill explains how much more he wants to explore Las Vegas after his first trip there.  Casinos USA discusses many of the attractions of Las Vegas but also considers the advantages of vacations in other places.
  2. “The Dice Doctor” the book by Sam Grafstein warns of the “dangers” of come bets in craps.
  3. What do casino patrons want from table games dealers?  How should one react to a rude dealer?  Coach fav talks about why some employees get promoted in the casino industry and some do not. Just ask MGM executives.
  4. Janie talks about why she avoids “come bets” while playing craps.
  5. Janie asks for more input from listens about why they go back to Vegas so often.
  6. Casinos spend billions with America’s small business outlets helping thousands and thousands of employees make a good living.  It’s about the economy, stupid.
  7. Hoover Dam and Boulder Dam are the “same damn thing.”

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Episode # 19 Casino Summer Roadtrip- Atlantic City or Las Vegas?

Episode # 19 Casino Summer Roadtrip: Atlantic City or Las Vegas?
1. The Atlantic Ocean vs Nevada Swimming Pools
2. Hotel Rooms More Expensive in Atlantic City than Las Vegas
3. Saving Airfare a Key Issue that Makes AC even more attractive
4. Caller Nick Loves Atlantic City and the AC Beaches
5. Easy 1/2 Day Drive to Atlantic City for hundreds of thousands
6. Triple Power Keno turns $20 into $1,000 for Caller Nick (several times)
7. Casinos USA’s view of the choice between AC and LV- Casino Roadtrips an alternative
8. Take the Money and Run — Craps Strategies by Henry I. Tamburin
9. Six of Twelve Pennsylvania Casinos offer Horse Racing
10. What happens to retired race horses? One organization makes a big difference!
11. Coach Fav “Pushes Back” against critics of his recreational gaming state of mind

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Episode # 18 Great Expectations – best casino gambling advice ever!


Episode # 18 content: “Great Expectations”
1. Since negative expectation games cannot be beat, Why Play?
2. Roulette has a general house edge of 5.2%; if the numbers 4 or 10 are the established point numbers in craps, even with 5x odds the house edge is even higher – 5.56. All casino table games cannot be beaten in the long run.
3. In craps taking 100x odds to lower the house edge is a crazy risk of money. Best to bet on on the 6 and 8 as established point numbers using the “put” bet and 10x odds. This lowers the house hedge to 0.83. That’s a sensible risk.
4. In fact, the odds bet itself does not even the house advantage because money must first be put on the pass line; the best bet in craps, the odds bet behind the line is still a “combination bet” that can never make the bet exactly even up with the house.
5. Consider that even without a house edge, you can lose your shirt in gambling. Never forget this; there is always a risk.
6. Anthony Curtis of the Las Vegas Advisor seems fatalistic with gambling advice because he is trying to protect his readers from losses, which is a noble cause.
7. Know what the dealers know; go to Heather Ferris’ free dealer training school at Vegas-Aces.com. No kidding, this is for real.
8. How we turn “negative expectations” into GREAT EXPECTATIONS.. this advice is the only sensible answer to Why Play Table Games and slots with negative expectation math, the law of averages, and the house edge at work.
9. Comparison of Pennsylvania’s Meadows and Rivers Casinos; Janie picks The Meadows
10. Janie talks “Kitty Glitter,” race horses, Hershey World
11. Great Expectations is the only correct mindset for the recreational gambler; otherwise you are fooling yourself and this is may be the most important casino information that you ever hear. It’s about having a great time (Great Expectations) that does not require winning at every turn. That’s impossible. So do not ruin your life betting money that you cannot afford to lose. Be careful and wise with your cash. Remember no matter how you bet, you are destined to lose if you refuse to quit when ahead.

Call Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556

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Episode # 17-Part-II-Seven-Days-on-the-Las-Vegas-Strip

Episode # 17 Part II of Seven Days on the Las Vegas Strip …
Introduction: Call our Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556. Our previous podcast, Seven Days on the Las Vegas Strip, Part I, was our most successful podcast so far in our 8 months of broadcasting – over 7,000 plays of Seven Days on the Las Vegas Strip, Part I.
1. Thank you to for retweets
2. Slot Machine Law… Better know it or you may lose thousands of dollars
3. Janie’s Restaurant Picks: Bacio at the Tropicana the best new restaurant on the Strip
4. Pinball Hall of Fame, just past UNLV on Tropicana East… A great place to enjoy and play
5. Casinos USA’s Kelsie goes to the top of the Stratosphere with Janie
6. Would you stay at the Trump Tower? — Janie can’t wait to stay there
7. Our little dog Oliver wants to get on the air and breaks into the studio
8. Going to Church on the Las Vegas Strip – Two Choices
9. Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor a great deal … Consider joining
10. J.Crimi Eyewear Boutique in Henderson, NV repairs sunglasses for free. What a deal!
11. Next podcast’s major topics: Negative Expectations and a Trip Report to The Meadows Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania

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Episode # 16 Seven Days on the Las Vegas Strip Part I

Casinos USA Team spends six nights and seven days back on the Las Vegas  Strip; Visitors to Las Vegas now fear Bedbug epidemic; Free rooms at the Tropicana courtesy of Marquee Gaming were great; New Restaurant at the Trop one of the Best in Las Vegas; New Cuban decor at the Tropicana uplifting compared to the old style; Trop’s “Club Tower” a big hit for hotel guests; Mobile Check in at the Luxor Hotel a must for weekends.  Luxor’s M-Life management bringing the glory of the Luxor back; We grade the Luxor comeback an “A.” … Mandalay Bay and the Luxor both pay triple on the number 12 on the field – a good deal and unusual for the strip.  Coach Fav saved by his wife Jane while playing craps while down more than $900.  Janie encourages Fav to chase his loses the way that Caller Doug explained in a call to the podcast.  Janie teaches craps to several people while playing on a Craps Shoot to Win machine.  Pyramid Suite at the Luxor a great deal and immaculate.  It made our stay there.  Part II ..More gaming and Janie’s input on May 4th podcast will include restaurant reviews and travel tips.  Don’t Miss It.  Call  Casinos USA’s Answering Service to tell your story 1-724-519-4556.  Remember, “Every day is Saturday at Casinos USA.”

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Episode # 15 The Bets of Roulette

Episode # 15 The Bets of Roulette
(Content Overview) Part I
Casinos USA Answering Service: 1-724-519-4556 Part I … Why do we gamble? Coach Fav gives his major reasons. Call in and give us your reasons for gambling.
Part II … The Bets of Roulette, the variety of 11 bets in this game are examined and discussed. (www.casinosusa.bet to review betting charts)
Part III … The Boys are Back in Town, several members of the Casinos USA team will visit Las Vegas over the Easter Break, Coach Fav’s agenda is discussed.
Part IV Call In Guest … A call in to the show from Las Vegas, dealer Heather Ferris, who also operates a “free online trade school,” for aspiring Las Vegas dealers. She will teach you how to deal and help you find a job.
Heather’s website: Visit: http://www.Vegas-Aces.com

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